HimalPartner – A Channel for God’s Love

HimalPartner – A Channel for God’s Love
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HimalPartner – A Channel for God’s Love    

HimalPartner seeks to inspire involvement in missions in a new era. We believe our history and the way we work can challenge people toward a greater interest in missions. We desire to communicate God’s love and to be used by Him.

We are proud of having partners in Nepal and Tibet who daily help people find dignity and self-worth. Sometimes this is done by helping individuals find the help that they need. At other times this is realized by improving systems that benefit a greater number of people. Primarily, HimalPartner works where Nepalese and Tibetans themselves see the need. We offer expertise and experience through our expatriate staff, or by supporting our partners financially. 

The Himalayan Mountains encompass a vast area of Nepal and Tibet. The sensitive political situation in this region requires that we tread with caution. Business development initiatives and mental health programs area particular areas of focus for HimalPartner. In addition, education and expertise development are recurrent themes in all of our projects, directly or indirectly. Environmental awareness characterizes all of our work. Through this catalog, you can become familiar with the individual projects that we support within these general areas of focus. If you would like more information, you may visit our website at www.himalpartner.no or you may contact us by telephone. 

Heidi Westborg Steel liggende nettI would like to welcome you to become better acquainted with the work of HimalPartner in the Himalayan region.
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Heidi Westborg Steel
General Secretary